How the full moon can affect you How the full moon can affect you

How the full moon can affect you

The moon can have a very powerful effect on our emotions, and there are a number of practical things that you can do to help find balance with the lunar rhythms.

If you tune in to what is happening to you in and around the full moon, then this time can become a healing process and become deeply important for your own personal growth.

For many years and across multiple traditions the moon has been associated with the feminine, intuition and deep inner psyche. The moon is connected to the emotional body and what brings us joy and fulfilment.

When you consider the fact that the human body is mostly made up of water, it is no wonder that the full moon can have such a profound effect on us. The moon can pull on our emotional centres, particularly when it is at a new or full moon.

During the full moon there is also an added brightness to the night sky. We may not notice this as much when we live in cities, but this extra luminosity can have a huge effect on our auric fields.

Research has actually shown that we are known to sleep less when it is a full moon, which makes this an even more important time to make sure that you rest and take extra care of your body.

How the full moon can affect you

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