Animals and Astrology Animals and Astrology

Animals and Astrology

If you have ever wondered if your beloved pet has a star sign then the answer is yes! Astrologers believe that an understanding of your pet’s astrology chart can be a great way to better understand the emotions of our pets and animals.

The sun signs of the astrology chart are the same for all living creatures, so you can apply the personality traits of each sign to your pet to be able to understand more about them.

When choosing a pet, taking into consideration their birth sign as well as their personality traits and how well this will compliment your own is a great way to ensure that you form a deep and lasting connection with your pet.

If you adopted your dog and do not know their birthdate then astrologers say that the date that you adopted them is equally significant and this can be used to determine their star sign.

Understanding your dog’s astrology can also be extremely useful when it comes to training your pet and understanding their own individual habits.

For example, don’t be offended if your dog is an Aries and do not come when they are called. Like humans, Aries dogs are strong leaders who don’t like being told what to do.

Animals and Astrology

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